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UNAIDS chief calls for increased mothers HIV/AIDS testing during world cup


The Executive Director of UNAIDS Michael Sidibe, has appealed to World Cup fans, soccer bodies, governments and all stakeholders involved in the HIV/AIDS fight to step up their efforts in ensuring HIV/AIDS testing and prevention among pregnant women.

He says mother to child HIV/AIDS transmission rates will drop drastically if more mothers know their HIV/AIDS status and have more access to ARV’s.

UNAIDS Michael Sidibe

UNAIDS Michael Sidibe

HIV/AIDS remains one of the leading causes of death among infants and pregnant women in Africa.

According to UNAIDS, in most parts of Africa, only 45 percent HIV/AIDS positive pregnant women  have access to drugs to prevent transmission of the virus to their new born babies and only 28 percent of pregnant women are tested for the virus.

The UNAIDS chief says the HIV/AIDS campaign among pregnant women during the 2010 World cup is because almost 80 babies are born with HIV/AIDS in the 90 minutes spent to play football.

Sidibe appealed to every person to act today and contribute in reducing the effects of the scourge because everyone has the means.

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