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Use of artificial nail causes cancer


Stella Najuma has used artificial nails for as long as she can remember. She is now 34. But the pain she experiences worries her so much. Artificial nails are fixed using super glue. The trend of using acrylic nails is not about to go away as many women are obsessed with this.

Whereas acrylic nails are pretty and stay on someone’s body for a long time, the damage they put on your natural nails can only leave you with one choice, to keep wearing acrylics.

Sometimes people try to remove the acrylic nails without following a proper procedure. There is a simple procedure done to remove those nails well. But the moment one just tries to rip them off they will damage her natural nails.

The chemicals used to apply acrylic nails are unhealthy and include chemicals as resins and formaldehyde, which doctors say they cause cancer. Exposure to resins and formaldehyde through your nails for a long time can result in complete nail loss.

Some doctors say that exposure to resins and formaldehyde may cause allergic reactions with acrylic nails.


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