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Warnings of second COVID-19 wave as infections plunge

Health minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng has said that the falling COVID-19 daily recorded infection numbers could be an indication of a coming to end of the first wave of the pandemic, giving way to an outbreak of a second wave.

“The media has been awash with concern over the falling numbers of COVID-19 in Uganda. This phenomenon, characterizing peaking of an epidemic, is not unique to Uganda and our scientists accurately predicted its occurrence after January 2021,” she said.

She noted that it is a widely known fact that the pandemic comes in waves and that the peak period for the first wave in Uganda was between November 2020 and early January 2021 represented the close of the first wave of the pandemic.

“The falling numbers, therefore, represent punctuation consistent with our seasonal variation patterns that are likely to be followed by the emergence of what we shall consider as the second wave. This may initially occur as isolated surges in different communities and population groups, only to later merge into another singular wave, nationally. Uganda, just like other countries globally, is therefore not yet safe,” she explained.

As of today, Uganda has 39,911 cases out of which 28 were recorded from tests conducted on February 9. The deaths have increased to 328 including the one death that occurred on February 9.

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