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Warwick University is seeking postdoctoral students to study for research fellowship.


University of Warwick, UK, is seeking to attract the most outstanding researchers to ten newly established Warwick Global Research Fellowships.

Warwick wishes to recruit postdoctoral fellows of the very highest calibre and to work with them to accelerate their careers.

In keeping with the ethos of Warwick’s Institute of Advanced Study (IAS), interdisciplinary research applications are strongly encouraged.

The Fellowships will be between three and five-years’ duration combining extended time to pursue the best research with the resources to achieve global mobility.

You will visit global partners and convene major symposia so as to engage with the international academic community.

You will be a future research leader and we expect to work with you to ensure that you enjoy the support you require to develop as a world-leading scholar.

You will join a vibrant interdisciplinary research community in the IAS and will also benefit from advanced training delivered through the IAS Academic Careers and Employment programme (ACE).

You will be expected to engage in PhD supervision and to improve your teaching skills as part of professional development.

You will not be expected to undertake academic administration during your Fellowship term.

Excellent candidates from all fields are invited to apply. Applications from candidates with existing funding are also welcome.

Warwick welcomes applications from candidates in the UK and overseas.

You will be based in the IAS but will have a strong presence in a home academic department.

Therefore, all applications MUST be supported by a Warwick academic nominator and the proposed research project should complement the nominated academic department’s research interests.

Nominators will be required to make a strong case for the applicant’s strategic contribution to the research within their department.

You should hold a doctorate or equivalent medical qualification and be within 5 years of your PhD graduation. You must have passed your viva and submitted the final copy of your thesis to be eligible.

You should not have more than five years’ postdoctoral research/teaching experience or hold, nor have held a permanent academic post.

The posts are available from the beginning of October.

The university values diversity.

For more information and application materials, visit; Warwick Global Research Fellowships


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