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Watching TVs for long hours causes obesity and death



Most of the babies born to obese women have over a 50% higher risk of dying in their first months of births, according to Constance Kekihembo, the chief executive officer of the Uganda Non Communicable Diseases Alliance (UNCDA).

During babysitting, many children like to watch TV, play video and computer games, but this causes them to be physically inactive. She says poor eating, physical inactivity habits are not genetic, but may pass on from the parents.

Your baby’s physical activity levels diminish over the years. It is also dangerous for children to drop off in front of the TV sets with takeaways for dinner. This causes obesity and premature death.

Eliminating highly processed foods and limiting sugar sweetened soda drinks may help you to lower a child’s weight and eliminate the risk of developing life-threatening health conditions in the future.

About 80% of heart disease, cash and diabetes can be prevented with adequate physical activity levels.

It has been estimated that physical inactivity levels could be reduced by 31% through improved environmental interventions. Physical activity and exercise is needed for all people regardless of their weight, health condition and age. It is recommended for one to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily seven days a week.


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