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Who is Gen. Biraro?


Benon Biraaro was born on March 1, 1958 in Isingiro Western Uganda. He studied Political Science at Makerere University. He got military certificates at JuniorStaffCollege with the British Military Training, Junior Command and Staff at Kaduma, Nigeria, Senior Command and StaffCollege at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, USA, Africa Strategic Studies at Abdu Nasser Military College, Cairo, Egypt and he has a Masters degree in Global Security Studies at Cranfield   University, UK.

He joined Bush war (politics) from MakerereUniversity on June 7, 1982. Gen. Biraro served Uganda Peoples Defence Forces in different capacities until he became Secretary to High Command (Uganda military) and National Resistance Council 1984.

Sometime back Gen. Biraro deputised president Museveni’s Principle Private Secretary in 1986 before becoming the Kitgum District Special Administrator from 1986 to 1987. The general served as the Deputy   CommandantKyankwanziPoliticalSchool, a place where president Museveni and his government use to ‘brain wash people). Gen. Biraro is the one who commanded the 97 Battalion in Eastern Uganda that defeated the insurgency in Eastern Uganda.

Gen. Biraro also served as commander Military Police; he was a military representative in the Inspector General of Government’s office. Sometime back Gen Biraaro was also the director of training that led the Uganda contingent to DRC in 1998 and he later became the commander of the Infantry Division in western Uganda. He was also assistant Chief of Staff, UPDF. Gen Biraaro has now started mobilising and recruiting people into his new political party he intends to name Peace and National Unity (PNU).


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