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Why Bunyoro is likely to eat big in the 2021 NRM manifesto

Bunyoro likely to eat big in the 2021 NRM manifesto

By: Byamukama Richard Bard

Bunyoro region is made up of eight districts of Hoima, Masindi, Kibaale, Bulisa, Kagadi, Kakumiro and the recent Kikube district. The region has for the past years been a strong hold resource for the current NRM party with one of the highest percentage scores in the past elections with almost every leadership being NRM which forms a fertile base in the mobilization for the 2021 general elections.

While making a breakthrough in the on some government initiatives in the region, there is something to show that Bunyoro there’s something bigger for government in Bunyoro and that’s oil. There are 3 key projects that Bunyoro and government should not take for granted in the next term of government.

The city was launched in August this year. Hoima city was the 10th to be launched this financial year after its operation was brought forward by parliament from 2021/2022 financial year

Looking on the employment base of cities citing Kampala as the example, KCCA has over 1,113  staff, of whom 391 were permanent employees appointed by the public service commission. This sounds a very good opportunity to the sons of the African fighter Kabalega. The city will also attract oil based facilities, investors and industrial development which create a huge push to the development of the region and the country.

The proposed Bunyoro university that has been awaited for quite awhile, the region has been one of the remaining few that lack a public university. It only accommodates the Kigumba petroleum institute located in Kigumba district that trains oil courses, both the kingdom and government passed a consensus to have Bunyoro university based with branches in every district of the region. The only disagreement is to harmonize the location of it’s headquarters from Kiryandongo to the heart of Bunyoro which is Hoima in any sense. This creates simplicity for students to travel from the rests of the districts in the region to Hoima for studies than a university based in Kiryandongo in the far North of region.

The Kabale international airport project that is on going in the region is a huge asset to the development of the region. There has been a biased thought that this is meant to transport only oil to foreign markets but this lacks flexibility. With the revival of Uganda airlines, the airport project will open up the region to the rest of the world. Bunyoro population largely depends on agriculture with a few agricultural schemes like the Kinyara sugar in Masindi, Hoima Sugar, Bugambe tea estate, Kisaru tea estate found in Hoima, Muziizi tea estate found in Kagadi, maize growing, banana, coffee, cassava etc.

There’s a need to shift the trend to target foreign markets by growing items that are demanded in foreign countries which should be done by government and the locals leaders in the region. Air transport is well known for transportation of the most perishable agricultural products to markets easily taking a case in point of flower growing that could easily be transported to world markets in the Holland. Suppose the population shifted to growing crops that utilize few pieces of land targeting world markets in Hotels in Nairobi, Johannesburg etc.

Amongst others services include the upgrading of Kagadi District hospital to a referral status, Kibaale health center 3 to a hospital status, the upgrade the Kigumba hospital, Masindi hospital etc. , constructing and completion of more oil roads linking to and from the region and other government set ups like having a secondary school at every subcounty, electricity at every subcounty headquarters, rural electrification programs, construction of more health centers.

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