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Why Museveni signed anti homosexual bill



President Museveni has finally signed the anti homosexual bill. This means that it is now illegal to be a homosexual in Uganda. Americans and Europeans wanted to erode African norms by promoting homosexuality. Ugandans fear GOD and hates homosexuality.


Museveni signed the bill on Monday at statehouse Entebbe, Wakiso district. He says he signed on the bill because his scientists proved to him that homosexuality not natural. The people practing homosexuality in Uganda is doing so because they want to get money from the immoral Europeans.

While signing the bill, Museveni said Uganda will not give up its rights for food and donations from whites. Museveni says US president Barack Obama can not force Uganda to support homosexuality. Museveni says it is only fools in Europe and America who should get attracted to fellow men in the presence of beautiful women.



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