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Why social media is crucial for Uganda’s business development?


Use of social media linked to customer relations and among individual Ugandans institutions and businesses is very crucial.  Banks, insurances, clinics, restaurants, local governments, and companies can use social media to reach their clients.

Social media can help businesses to find an incomparable opportunity of building a relationship with their potential and existing customers.

Many businesses/institutions in Uganda and elsewhere are now using social media for different aspects of engagement, and building a stronger and larger customer base.

Such engagements include social interaction, position and programmes, sharing information, increased brand awareness, lead generation, service and support, or reputation management. Social media such as facebook, youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, yahoomail and LinkedIn have helped millions of business people around the world to increase brand awareness, attract new business ideas, market their products and engage with customers.

Clients no longer need to call up a company and complain anymore! They just get their smartphones or computers to tell the company or the world how terrible a certain product or service is in society.  People or customers use social media to share reviews about great service experiences.

With the presence of social media, customers/citizens can use them to complain against lack of water, electricity, drugs in hospitals, corruption in public offices or failure of internet connection and overcharges.

From big companies, institutions to neighborhood grocery stores, social media is more of a necessity in order to remain customer-focused. Like many other tools, social media doesn’t come with magic formula for successful approach and use.

Walakira Nyanzi, a journalist with weinformers.net


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