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Wycliffe Kiyingi’s Mudduma Kwe Kwaffe starts showing at Uganda National Theater

Renowned Play Wright Wycliffe Kiyingi’s Muduma Kwe Kaffe has started showing at the National Theatre and will be showing every Saturday and Sunday at 3:00pm and 7:00pm up to August 3 2010.

Playwright Wyclif Kiyingi

The 4 act play directed by Kaya Kagimu Mukasa is centered on the political and economic confusion that reigned in Uganda since 1945.

The play whose time setting is the pre and post colonial era in Uganda portrays that up to 1945 Indians dominated trade and commerce in Uganda but after the return of the world war veterans during that time
becomes a challenge to their dominance in trade and commerce as these reveal to the African natives that in the Indian’s home country it is the natives that dominate trade.

They suggest that should also be the case with African Natives in Uganda that they should dominate trade and commerce in their home country. This suggestion does not go down well with the Indians is the cause of the political confusion that

The plays’ greatest strength its richness in content and massage plus the fact that it still manages to adequate appeal to the contemporary society yet it is written about fifty years ago but that it is because
of its keen attention to social political themes like embezzlement disillusionment causing lack patriotism among others that make it easily identify with the contemporary society.

Muduma Kwe Kwaffe is literally translated to mean that “Muduma” is our home.

The Playwright is a doyen of Ugandan Theatre and was crowned Golden Artist of the during the celebrations to mark 50 years of existence of the Uganda National Cultural Centre.

By Zacharia Tiberindwa, Ultimate Media

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