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New online business group downloads from facebook and sells edited female photos to graphic designers to make publications on porn sites

 You may not know about it but a new online business group from Sri Lanka reportedly sells female edited photographs to porn sites by downloading the PHOTOS from FACEBOOK! We are told that highly paid professional graphic designers are hired to edit women photos from facebook and they make them look so realistic and load […]

New vision CEO grills news editor for choosing wrong headline that annoyed Amama Mbabazi

  A news editor at the government owned media house, The New Vision was yesterday grilled for over two hours reportedly by the Chief Executive Officer of the New Vision, Robert Kabushenga and given warning for choosing the wrong headline that annoyed the very man that helped him (Kabushenga) secure the top job at The […]

New regulations for government drivers

Government has set a standard age limit for drivers of public service vehicles. The regulations which take immediate effect stipulate that one has to be at least 35 years old and not above 65 years, to qualify to drive a 60 passenger bus. The limit set for drivers of the 14 passenger vehicles is at […]

Police threatens to evict Kampala traders

Vendors in both Old and the New Taxi Parks are in shock wondering their next step after the police and Kampala capital City Authority (KCCA) evicts them. The police and KCCA had planned to evict these vendors today. However, fortunately on traders’ side, the inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura halted the eviction. Kayihura just […]

New political pressure group similar to A4C launches in Kampala

A new political pressure group similar to Activists for Change (A4C) has launched its national wide programme in Kampala. The pressure group of concerned Ugandan citizens has been named the National Action for Awakening Uganda (NAAU ). It officially launched shop at Fair Way hotel in Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA). Its national coordinator is […]

New research discoveries show that red meat cases cancer

  New research discoveries by scientists from Harvard Medical School indicate that eating too much red meat causes cancer and heart problems. The same discoveries indicate that eating red meat is one of the factors leading to early death. The scientists advise that the people eating red meat should substitute its intake with other protein […]

Al Shabaab rebels plan to bomb taxi parks

Latest intelligence reports in East African country of Uganda indicate that the blood thirsty Al Shabaab rebels of Somalia are planning to bomb Old and New taxi parks in Uganda’s capital city Kampala. The Uganda Government is already prepared for Al Shabaab. Uganda’s security agencies are all on high security alert. A source in the […]

New salary structures for workers

The Minister for the Presidency, Muruuli Mukasa has revised the salary structures of public servants and councilors working in Kampala district. This follows a directive by parliament requesting him to table before the House the salary structure for the Kampala Capital City Authority staff. According to the sources in the minister’s office, the Executive Director […]

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