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Ultimate Media Consult is a fully registered multidimensional media company of journalists and communication practitioners in Uganda. We are the center of experienced and dedicated Uganda Journalists and Writers with staff and members who mostly work on per work per pay basis. We write journalistic articles on daily basis as can be seen on this website and we have been at it since 2003.

Here are some of our articles published online by other media in yesteryears.

Makerere’s 1.5 points benefit the privileged

A review of a research report on the 1.5 Points Scheme introduced by government of Uganda to give girls entering university 1.5 extra points in order to bridge the gender gap in higher education. Published 29th November 2004, The New Vision

Costly Fish Farming in Uganda

A story on the hopes, practices and challenges of fish farming in Uganda.

Kyeyo, a costly blessing

Uganda started a policy of encouraging its citizens to seek work abroad as one way to address unemployment and bring in extra foreign exchange. This story looks at the government policy and its benefits and costs to the country

UPDF Bill to punish Women on Pregnancy

When the UPDF Bill was about to be passed by Parliament, no one seemed concerned that women in the army would be suspended if they get pregnant.  Published February 28th 2005 in The New Vision

Coffin Dealers in Uganda

They must sell you the item. But you buy the item only at your saddest moment. How do they negotiate with you the right price, or convince you to buy from them? This story explores the trials and tribulations of coffin sellers in Uganda.

Ideas Africa cutting across border

A teacher turns into an entrepreneur and earns big from selling Ugandan arts and crafts all over the world.

Kiwani the Movie

Following the popularity of Bobi Wine’s song, Kiwani, a journalist ventured into making a movie called Kiwani the Movie. This article explores the movie and gives a Q& A with Henry Ssali, the brain behind the movie.

Gender courses for Makerere Vets

African women more at risk of HIV infection

A law to punish people who knowing infect others with HIV?

In 2006 when Uganda  government officials started calling for such a law, we set out ask if the law is needed, its implication and how it will be implemented.

Sports Gambling mania infects Kampala, But

Uganda Women of Apac complaining of their Lazy husbands

Uganda’s not so peaceful peacekeeping mission in Somalia

Child Restoration Outreach Gives New Hope to Uganda’s street Children

Kiwatule Recreation Center

Uganda Baati-serving you since 1964

Lugeye Property Consultants

Acholi want more prominent role for Mato Oput

Female Genital Mutilation continue despite Health Repercussions

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