Zak’s idle thoughts

An open letter to Kampala Express on what’s wrong with Uganda’s Education system

Dear Kampala Express In a recently published Facebook Post, Timothy Kalyegira the person behind Kampala Express, you the Facebook Page or now are you a media entity that has become increasingly popular in Uganda’s social media circles, opined that there is actually nothing wrong with Uganda’s Education System. Not that I believe that it’s all […]

Kingfisher Safari Resort Hotel surprises with price friendly comfy accommodation near Source of the Nile

If I had an opportunity to elope with someone’s wife, then most likely I would end up in Kingfisher Safari resort to hide there for sometime until the dust following our elopement settled or until I got a clear plan of where to take my “stolen treasure”. Kingfisher resort hotel is such an isolated place […]

African football teams in the world cup like Nigeria copying Uganda’s tricks

Recently when I saw Nigeria succumb to the thrashing of Greece, I was not shocked at all or not even disappointed in anyway. This is not because I am not a fan of Nigeria or any other African team at the FIFA 2010 world cup. No. In fact if there is any buffoon that is […]

Ugandan women to be affected by the 2010 FIFA World Cup

Now I am quite aware that by the time some of you read these crazy thoughts of mine, the 2010 FIFA World Cup will have kicked off in South Africa  but that should not be something I should waste my ink on witting because it matters less to the few truths that I am about […]

Kikara highlights the plight of a typical Ugandan village

By Zacharia Tiberindwa Recently I decided to take some time off the dusty streets of Kampala and went back to the west and not in that direction of Rwakitura like so many of you are beginning to suspect. One thing that annoys me in this country is that every time a person talks about the […]

The spirit that binds Ugandans

One of the most interesting things about the pearl of Africa is how strongly bound Ugandans are by a certain spirit. Now I know when I talk of spirits some of you, your minds fly back to your bu gods that you carry around in your handbags for the ladies and for the men those […]