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WeInformers.net presents news and information and different works of journalists and informers. We are journalists, writers and communication professionals who daily collect and post news and information so you can be better informed. We believe an informed citizenry is vital for a better democratic, socially and economically healthy community.


Weinformers is part of the News Division of Ultimate Media Consult (U) Ltd. Through the News Division, Ultimate Media has since June 2003 been supplying daily news and feature articles to different media houses while offering a platform for gainful practice to journalists and writers in Uganda. See some of our past journalism works and other articles on this site.

Through WeInformers.net, we are offering news and information that best empowers individuals and the community we serve by informing them and easing their day to day life.  Our key mission is to report, analyse and break down news and information for relevant audiences. We aim at being the leading source of dependable and better presented news and information on and about Uganda, and providing a platform for people to get informed and to participate in informing for a better society.

We at Ultimate Media believe that the news and information landscape has changed and you and us should all be informers. When we are all informers, there is more reliable and factual news and information, more understanding and we all get a voice in shaping the news and information. Sign up and start Informing while you also keep informed.

This website is aimed at giving you news and information from Uganda and letting you become an informer through writing articles, commenting on the news as well as enabling all able to post news and information they think people want to know. There is a lot of information we need every day to make our life easier and make better decisions. From the reach and cost of schools, health centers, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, to contacts of your religious, cultural and political leaders, entertainment centers among others, we shall continually present you relevant information you need day to-day.

But more than anything else, www.weinformers.net is a platform for keeping good journalism alive and relevant to the public. It is a platform for journalists in Uganda Africa, writers, reporters and communicators to post news and information that benefits members of the public, while giving themselves exposure and earning possibilities.

WeInformers has great Benefits for You. This website is about giving you the power to access the latest news and most reliable information, and to be part of shaping the news and information. It also enables you to get the news you want by simply asking us to report it for you, to answer for you any question you might have. No one can anymore claim to have all the news and information we need, no one media outlet can claim to always present the best story and picture, or be your voice more than you and us. Weinformers which includes us and you know better than any one source of news and information and therefore present Uganda, Africa and the world the best opportunity to get informed about Uganda, Ugandans, and happenings in the Pearl of Africa.

The website also enables you to Reach out to most Ugandans and beyond. Because of the relevant and community driven news and information we are providing, we present a big community for you to engage with in Uganda and globally. You can post your own news and information on anything, seek support, collaborations or buyers of your goods and services and stay in touch with your friends, customers and stakeholders right here.


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