We also offer traditional advertising opportunities through banner display & classifieds, Webtorials (supplements) and reviews in graphics, text, audio and video- all at very affordable rates- from 20,000UGx or US$10.


Advertising rates in US$ for advert spaces

Type                        Two weeks     Monthly            Annual            size

Standard banner ad        300                         1,000                     9,000     300×250

Standard banner ad        300                         1,000                     8,000     120×600

Leader-board                325                         1,200                     10,500       726×90

Buttons Shared              250                         450                         4,000     125×125

Text Links                             10                           20                           200         One line

  • Shared adverts to be posted on a bidding system for spaces i.e. more pay shown first
  • All adverts with a guarantee of at least 10,000 page views or 500 valid clicks per month*
  • You chose the section or part of the site where you want your ad to be placed.
  • Designing of the ads for you is free for those who book for a year, and 100,000 or$ 50

Sponsor a page or section and only your advert will appear. Rates negotiated on per case basis

*You deposit the amount prescribed and we shall run the ads continuous until target is hit

Standard Guidelines for Advertisers

File Format: GIF87, Gif89a, JPEG, FLASH, HTML, or Java/JavaScript
Animation: 3 loops maximum; up to 7 seconds per loop
Resolution: Not to exceed 72 dpi
Link URL: Must be included via email when creative is submitted
Note:For testing purposes, standard creative must be received at least three business days prior to the campaign start date. Rich Media Creative requires five business days for testing.

Ad Specifications:

* Ads should not be designed to blend in with the site; do not mimic editorial fonts or colors.
* Ads should not include fake form elements of other graphic symbols that mimic functionality that does not exist.

Contact: advertising(at) Tel+256414953555/ +256772344614