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Qnet opportunity

Qnet opportunity
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Let us tell you how.


Your Opportunity

The QNet opportunity is available to anyone willing and able to work hard in a dynamic and growing industry.

What You Need

Network marketing allows people to choose when and where they work with a small financial investment. Further, there are no specific qualifications needed to become a salesperson for a network marketing business, since the company provides training to develop the necessary business skills, as well as marketing education. This training aspect is an integral part of the offered business opportunity.

A Truly Unique Opportunity

The QNet business opportunity is based on an e-commerce platform, and is mainly about promoting and referring our products to customers and other entrepreneurs like yourself. Particularly during tough economic times, network marketing is an extremely viable and successful avenue to provide a supplementary or complete stream of income. This is especially true in tough economic times, as the Network Marketing industry thrives during global recessions and undoubtedly presents an attractive career path during the more economically stable times.

The Role You Play

As with any opportunity, success is gauged by what you do with the opportunity. The QNet business is not for those looking for an easy way out and it is not a ‘get-rich-quick scheme’. Like those who have already achieved success with QNet, you must work hard, think smart, stay committed, be prepared for initial failures, and be dedicated to closely following the established and proven business plan. QNet equips you with all the tools needed to succeed in the business.

Make ‘Work’ Work For You

A real benefit of this business opportunity is that you can truly mould the business to fit within your existing lifestyle and habits. Another exciting benefit is that you will have the potential of becoming your own boss and achieving financial freedom on your OWN terms.

Network Marketing

The Network Marketing Industry is a growing and exciting world of business that provides a way to sell products and/or services directly to customers, away from a traditional retail location. The industry allows businesses to connect with customers on a one-to-one basis – be it in groups, online, by phone or through catalogue sales.The Opportunity Inherent in Network Marketing

A network marketing opportunity is a viable option for people of all ages and genders regardless of the income group or education levels. In emerging markets, network marketing companies benefit from both strong market growth and an attractive earning opportunity. In more mature markets, network marketing creates the togetherness that many are seeking and brings additional income, personal growth and peer recognition.

What Makes Network Marketing Different from Other Businesses?

In network marketing, a salesperson earns a commission by referring a company’s products to customers. They also earn commission when other salespeople in his or her network successfully refer products. What really sets network marketing companies apart from more traditional retail industries is the ability for a person to start their own business, without major investment in inventory, expensive office spaces or shop fronts, challenging start-up costs, or prior education in developing business plans. Additionally, the marketing, packaging and advertising of the products are already taken care of by the company which eases the burden on the salesperson and therefore enabling them to focus solely on promoting the company’s products.


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