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Internet usage and population statistics for Africa

Qn: Where can one get/what are the latest statistics/trends on internet usage in Uganda, e.g. Number of Users, Demographics, Average growth rates, Mobile usage, et.c.   Answer: The most comprehensive internet usage and population statistics for Africa can be found at http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats1.htm

Blackberry phone unlocking services in Kampala Uganda

Many people buy smart phones like blackberries from different foreign markets only to reach here and the phones cannot work because they were locked to the network where they were first purchased. That is where you need services of a professional to help you unlock your phone. We shall be listing here contacts of people […]

With less than 20 million, you can have your dream home

Many of us dream of owning a decent home. Yet many of us continue to wonder how we can pull off that ‘miracle’. How is it possible with ever increasing costs of land and construction materials to build a house of your dreams when you have limited income? Well, the good news is yes you […]

Email etiquette and Emailing Ethics you should keep in mind

Question: I have heard people say it is not proper to do this and that in an email. What really are the best practices or ethics of emailing? Answer: Most of us rely on e-mail as one of our primary communication tools. And given the number of messages we send and receive, we do it […]

European Commision Grant: Investing in People – Children – Fighting Child Labour

  Children comprise one third of the world population and make up more than half of the population in developing countries. They form a unique constituency with particular sets of needs and rights that are recognised as a self-standing set of concerns. More than 200 million children in the world are involved in child labour, […]

How one can attend the Africa Youth Forum in Kampala Uganda

Weinformers.net Answers Hello Godfrey Katongole, Maureen Agena and Susan Akwii Weinformers.net received your question about how you can attend the Africa Youth Forum in Kampala which we had reported on here. The Africa Youth Forum conference is being organized by the Africa union …and the hosting country..Uganda’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Kindly refer any attendance […]

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