Timely Reflections

Apply for research in the fields of development studies.

  Publishing is an integral part of academic activity and a strong publication record underpins a successful research career. Publications, especially scholarly articles in accredited journals, are a key indicator for assessing the quality of individual researchers and are a critical means of enhancing the impact of research. As part of and with generous support […]

Swindles of Modern Liberal Democracy

Swindles of Modern Liberal Democracy   Modern Liberal Democracy is truly the biggest fraud in modern times. Examining the fundamental principles of modern Liberal Democracy can easily prove that they are false.    The principles of modern Liberal Democracy are known as follow:   The Component Modern Liberal Democracy As a political system Modern Liberal […]

Mr. Gbagbo the Messiah of Ivorian Democracy

Mr. Gbagbo the Messiah of Ivorian Democracy I feel very sorry that some people blame H.E. President Gbagbo for the disasters happening in Ivory Coast. Let us consider the following facts objectively to come to correct conclusions: 1-      Mr. Gbagbo never requested invalidation of election results; he only insisted on neutral investigation to voters registration […]

Challenges and Opportunities of reporting and communicating agricultural and rural development issues in Uganda

Insights from a research paper By Gerald Businge and Risdel Kasasira presented at CTA Media Conference in Brussels, Belgium in October 2009 on The role of the media in agricultural and rural development of Africa Caribbean and Pacific countries. Introduction: Media Coverage of Agriculture and Rural Development Issues This paper is informed by findings of […]

Will Google Trader help farmers in Africa?

By Gerald Businge Software and web-search giants Google on Monday November 1st, 2009 launched the online Google Trader pilot in Uganda to connect sellers and buyers of goods and services, including in agriculture. Google Trader online is part of the SMS-based services that the company launched in June 2009 in Uganda. The service is aimed […]

African media houses should think seriously of online and mobile

The New Vision on Thursday announced it has acquired a new state of the art printery and started a Luganda Television station in its latest “expansion” efforts. This followed recent addition of five radio stations (Vision Voice, Bukedde fm, Radio West, Etop Radio and Radio Rupiny) to its newspaper brands of The New Vision, Sunday […]

Will the traditional media survive online media

By Gerald Businge March 2010 There is currently a big debate in the US about the survival or not of traditional media like newspapers, radio and television due to the increasing popularity of online forms of news and information access. I come from a different environment in Uganda where the disruptions on traditional media and […]