Model of the Week

Many people look for inspiration every day, and this section will present an inspirational person everyday with information explaining why Weinformers has picked him/her as a model of the week. We invite you to suggest any person who has or is doing extra ordinary things to make life better for themselves and others, or who has achieved a lot for himself/ herself and the community. To suggest a person as a model of the week, email: model(at)


In the near future, we expect to present about five individuals every week, explaining their accomplishments and help the Weinformers community decide who among them the model of the week is. We shall work with journalists and media houses across the country to identify and profile these people so that we can share, discuss and learn from their accomplishments.

Model of the Week can be found under People in Society and Leisure


Face of the day

Because WeInformers is about people and the community, we shall be daily presenting a person as the face of the day to delight your day and make you ah ah..if you think you are fit to be the face of the day or the you want to propose a person to be the face of the day, email your or the person’s photo to with some biodata. Include the name, age, marital status, profession or field of work, major interests in life, model in life, and self message to others.

Face of the day can be found under People in Society and Leisure

Jobs & Scholarships

Check out genuine jobs and scholarships from different companies and organizations under Education. To post your job or your cv, email to: jobs(at)

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A platform for all the information you need to know about in easy to search formats. Contact: to have your information or details posted here. We have to verify.

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