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Are you preparing your ground nuts the healthy way?

  Many people (especially in Africa and Asia) consume groundnuts in many forms. Some eat them raw, steamed or roasted while others crush them and make sauce. So as to benefit fully from the nutrients, ground nuts should be steamed not roasted or fried. One serving of boiled Ground nuts a day reduces on heart […]

Causes and dangers of cancerous brain tumour

  Severe brain tumours may make people to lose balance on the ground. Its effects may kill skin colour, and affect growth. To some people, the problem worsens after being diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour. Radiotherapy, one of the methods doctors use in the treatment of brain tumours may also affect someone’s balance on […]

How to beat menstrual pains

How to beat menstrual pains: engage in regular physical activity, take a warm bath and use aromatherapy (natural oils with sweet smell). Relaxing reduces stress. Take ginger tea to lower your levels of pain-causing elementary and fight fatigue. Eat foods that are rich in magnesium i.e. greens, ground nuts and seeds, and also take omega-fatty […]

Dangers of touching on toilet brushes

  Have you ever thought about the debris that rests on a brush after you have used it to clean inside our toilets? Some of the brushes we use to clean our toilets at home are stored in bowl-like containers. But both the brush and the bowls our brushes are kept after cleaning the toilets […]

Eating ground nuts reduces heart diseases

  Hundreds of people around the world consume ground nuts prepared or cooked in many forms. Some people eat ground nuts when they are in raw form, others eat them steamed or roasted but still all consumers get the benefits of ground nuts. However to benefit fully, ground nuts should be steamed but not roasted […]

Good diet helps in prevention of spinal bifida

  Having a good diet helps us to prevent spinal bifida. This is the most common of a group of birth defects in Uganda and around the world known as neutral tube defects. Neural tube defects affect the central nervous system that is the brain and spinal cord. The cause of this defect, according to […]

Consuming overcooked ground nuts is dangerous

  Consuming overcooked ground nuts is so dangerous for our bodies. Over-cooking of groundnuts depletes the essential minerals and nutritive elements. The fats and oils in ground nuts are a source of energy necessary for good health and fitness. The calcium in ground nuts helps to strengthen bones and muscles. The protein in it supplies […]

Senior UN diplomat calls upon Ugandans to join struggle against Museveni

Former UN diplomat Dr. Olara Otunnu has called upon all Ugandans within and outsideUgandato join the struggle against president Museveni’s regime. Otunnu says Ugandans need to join the struggle such that they restore sanity in their country. Otunnu says that the government inKampalahas walked away from its duties of working for the people. The former […]

Women lawyers against anti homosexuality bill

Although FIDA-Uganda works to promote the inherent dignity and human rights of women and children using the law as a tool for social justice, it has also added on supporting homosexuals. FIDA is an organisation that is against any discrimination on whatever ground and it has struggled through using the law in order to achieve […]

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