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What to do when your child stops breathing?

If your child stops breathing, what do you have to do? Drowning, severe electric shock and suffocation from fumes, among others, can cause a child’s breathing to stop. Loss of breath may result into death, so you must act swiftly. Put your ear or check against the child’s mouth and nose to detect any breathing. […]

Treatment and causes of bad mouth odour

  Bad breaths, mourning breath, breath odour or halitosis are some of the terms used to describe a noticeably unpleasant breath odour from people when they are talking. Most breath odour comes from food particles trapped in the mouth. When food remains in the mouth it becomes a breeding ground for the bacteria that cause […]

How to avoid bad breath

  Many people especially in slums produce bad breath. When they talk one feels bad smell. But this can be avoided and in this news article we bring to you how it can be stopped. How to avoid bad breath: avoid spicy foods, onions and where applicable avoid eating too much garlic. Brush your teeth […]

Causes of painful sex, genital swellings

Painful sex and genital swellings are closely associated with warts which are a form of sexually transmitted infection. Genetical warts are skin infections of the genital, oral and anal areas as far as the cervix, cavatina, rectum lining, penis-head, urethra, mouth and throats. The warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). It affects […]

How to guard gum against bleeding

It is hard to believe that millions of people in Uganda and the world at large have bleeding gums. Some people told our health tam that they brush their teeth and cleanse the mouth well but still their gums bleed. So in this news report we bring to you how you can guard your gum […]

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