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UJCC petitions parliament on gun law

UJCC petitions parliament on gun law

Members of the Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC) have petitioned parliament demanding the law on the control of guns and small arms. They also want government to ratify and domesticate the international treaties it has signed on the control of arms. The leader of the petitioner and executive secretary Uganda joint Christian council Rev. Fr .Sylvester […]

Muslim clerics want to acquire guns

If you ask Muslim clerics like Sheikh Nooh Muzaata, he would say it is ridiculous not to allow Muslim clerics and businessmen to own guns just because they are Muslims. The serial killers in Uganda currently are targeting Muslim businessmen and clerics and they have killed many Muslims when victims cannot fight back, which is […]

Museveni and Kayihura will die like Meles Zenawi-Uganda opposition say

  Democratic Party (DP) Deputy organising secretary, who is also the deputy lord mayor, Sulaiman Kidandala has asked the inspector general of police, Kale Kayihura and president Museveni to stop brutalizing their people using all tools of coercion at their disposal. Kidandala says that the fallen Ethiopian Premier Meles Zenawi was brutal, merciless, power hungry […]

Uganda sells guns, ammunitions to Kenya

  Intelligence network in Uganda has started investigating claims that some Ugandans sell guns and ammunitions to Kenya. Sources in Uganda’s security told our informer that some of the people involved in illegal firearms trade include policemen and members of other security organs. It is said that the armed officers in the army, and police […]

Government to regulate possession of guns

The government of Uganda is in final stages of drafting a bill that will regulate the possession and use of guns in Uganda. The Firearms, Ammunition and Related Materials Bill is expected to harmonize and regulate use of guns in Uganda once passed into an act. In Uganda guns are accessed mostly by security organs. […]

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