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walk to work

Museveni orders police to block walk to work activities whenever police get wind of it

  President Museveni has directed police to block walk to work activities whenever the force gets wind of it in any part of Uganda. The OC Kasangati police barracks Francis Tumwesigye says that he is on standing orders from above deploy at Col. Kiiza Besigye’s home whenever he receives information that the Colonel is planning […]

Kaihura denies knowledge of A4C rally tomorrow

The Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura has issued a statement in denial of receiveing a communicaton from Activists for Change in relation to the planned rally in Makindye tomorrow. The denial follows A4C’s pronouncement this week at their Katonga road headquarters in Kampala that they had launched a fresh move to walk to […]

Kayihura explains why police blocked most of the demonstrations last year

The inspector General of Police Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura has explained to our informers why the police throughout last year blocked most of the demonstrations that were organised by opposition politicians and parties.    Kayihura says that the organisers of the demonstrations for example walk to work campaigns (A4C) in the first case did not […]

Activists for change vow to continue campaigns against government

Pressure group Activists for Change have vowed to continue with their activities until Government finds solutions to people’s grievances. The A4C coordinator Mathias Mpuuga says that apart from the walk to work campaigns, they will continue several activities including sensitising the public about ways of forcing the Government to find possible solutions to the country’s […]

Donors meet Kizza Besigye over walk to work protests

It has emerged that representatives of donors in Uganda secretly visited the FDC leader, Col. Kiiza Besigye on Monday night at his home in Kasangati. The donors according to sources in FDC wanted to discuss with Besigye the effects of walk to work protests on the economy, government and the country in general. The representatives of donors […]

Police to first give permission for people to hold political meetings at churches

Whenever opposition parties want to conduct political meetings or seminars at Christ the King Church, the organisers will have to first get police clearance. Sources at Christ the King Church tell us that this follows last week’s Activists for Change (A4C) foiled press briefing at the church building. The briefing was about the re-launch of A4C activities. We are told […]

A4C letter to UTODA that got them in trouble with police chief Kayihura

Police have intercepted letters which members of Activists for Change (A4C) had written to UTODA and boda boda riders in Kampala. The letters had been signed by MP for Masaka Municipality, Mathias Mpuuga, according to police. The CIDs have shown these letters to this our journalist and they read as follows: We (A4C) are writing […]

A4C Ingrid Turinawe trains supporters how to survive tear gas

Here is the real information that Ingrid Turinawe, the FDC woman leader passed on to Activists for change supporters in what has turned out to be a treasonable case according to Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura. Turinawe says that dictators across the world uses tear gas to intimidate people striking to achieve democratic leadership. She says […]

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