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Russia government announces undergraduates& postgraduates scholarship studies.

The Russia Government is offering 30 scholarships per country where it is represented. The scholarships cover both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

They are in the following categories:

Undergraduate: 25 – (3 are for medicine)

Postgraduate: Masters – 3, PhD – 2

A. Undergraduate: Studies in Science oriented courses only

1. Not more than 23 years of age.

2. Only those who completed secondary education in the last 3 years and have original certificates need to apply.

3. Strong grades on the major subjects that are key to the specialty preferred

B. Postgraduate Studies in Science oriented course only

Eligible candidates are only those who:

1. Are serving the country in the public sector.

2. Completed two years of continuous service since their last degree studies.

3. Graduate in the last two years.

4. Are below 34 years for masters and 44 years old for PhD Programmes.

C. Conditions for the Scholarship:

i. It is a partial scholarship catering for tuition fee only. ii. Students will be required to pay for the following

  • Air ticket (return inclusive)
  • Maintenance costs which is more than US$300 per month.
  • Initial settlement expenses for more than US$500 for purchase of winter attire and basic supplies.
  • Travel expenses on arrival airport to respective institutions and other learning centres, US$300.
  • Annual medical insurance cover up to US$250.

For masters’ degree application, one must have attained 1st class or Upper 2nd class Honours degree from a recognized university. For PhD studies, one must be a holder of a Masters degree with good grades from a recognized university.

Application deadline is 15th May.

For more information and application: Russia Government Scholarships


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