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$50,000 for Children's Health Initiatives, nominations open

Health Award – maximum grant of upto $50,000

  • The Health Award recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to children in the fields of health, medicine or the sciences.
  • Nomine must have created, managed or otherwise supported a sustainable program which has significantly contributed to the IMPROVED HEALTH of children.
  • Nominee must do this work over and above their normal employment, OR work for little or no pay.
  • Nominee must have been doing this for a minimum of 10 years.
  • Nominee must have an existing non-profit organization in good standing, which can receive grant funds if awarded.

Announced by World of Children Awards

The World of Children Awards program was created to recognize and elevate those selfless individuals who make a difference in the lives of children here in the USA and across the globe, regardless of political, religious or geographical boundaries. These courageous leaders recognize that our children are the world’s most important asset. Their stories are heroic. The World of Children honors these leaders, and grants them funds to support the proven, high-impact programs they have created. These awards assure that more children’s lives will be touched, and changed, forever.

Click here to Nominate Now

Contact detail: contact@worldofchildren.org

Details: http://www.worldofchildren.org/index.php/awards/awards-program

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