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Causes of political violence in Uganda


What causes political violence, rampant strikes and demonstrations in Uganda is the unequal distribution of national resources and wealth. This is what many people who get to power in Uganda and Africa t large fail to understand.

The one major cause of South Sudan armed conflict is the broad day robbery and plunder of national resources by the Dinka at the expence of the rest of the people of South Sudan.

It is said that the Dinka decided to steal all the state resources of South Sudan and cames to invest in Uganda. The robbery of national resources of South Sudan is the reasons Ugandans have been experiencing the land inflation prices in their country. It is only in Uganda where well known peasants becomes supper rich over night and people praise the for steal. Those who care for the future of their country can never let such situations happen.

In The Bible King David Said To God “Look The Corrupt, The Maderers And All The Weaked Are Prospering But Your Savants God Have Nothing Even To Eat Or Drink…”



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