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Chinese discoveries on causes of heart attacks


Blood clots happen when your blood is not pumped to the heart. Blood clots can go in every part of the body. But to some heart attack patients, blood clots go in the brain… causing excessive bleeding leading to strokes.
The most common symptoms of blood clots that come with heart attacks is chest pain or a feeling of discomfort.

Dr Emmy Okello, a cardiologist at the Uganda Heart Institute in Mulago says that the pain is heavy and the patient of blood clot feels as if his/her heart is expanding within the chest.

Dr. Okello says that most heart attacks involve discomfort in the centre of the chest that lasts for some minutes or keep recurring. The discomfort can be mild or severe, and the pain feels like an indigestion or heartburn.

But signs and symptoms of a heart attack are not the same for everyone according to Dr Muhoozi Rwakaryebe, a cardiothoracic surgeon at the SecondXiangyaHospital, CentralSouthUniversity in China.


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