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CISF invites applications from fund doctoral students& leaders from majority world countries.


The Christian International Scholarship Foundation (CISF) helps fund the doctoral studies of select senior Christian leaders from majority world countries.

Christian International Scholarship Foundation (CISF) specifically helps those men and women who have exhausted their educational opportunities in their home country and continent and have senior leadership positions waiting for them upon their return home.

By senior it means that they are slated to be the president or dean of a recognized Bible College or seminary; or a senior faculty member of a similar organization; or the Executive Director of a relief organization; or a national leader of their denomination.

Most CISF-sponsored students study at Fuller Theological Seminary or Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Others study at Trinity Theological Seminary in Singapore, China Graduate School of Theology in Hong Kong or Oxford Center for Mission Studies in England.

On a very limited basis we make exceptions to this list of approved schools, but it is seldom.

CISF does not support undergraduate work, Master’s work (M.Div., MA, MAR) or Doctorate of Ministry degrees.

CISF also do not support studies in non-theological fields.

CISF will not support a PhD scholar studying in the west who has just finished a Master’s level degree in the west without returning home for a period of ministry and teaching.

Leaders who receive a grant from CISF are expected to return to their home country to serve.

If they fail to return home immediately upon completing their degree, or do not stay in the home country (or a neighboring country) for at least ten years following the completion of studies, they are required to pay back their CISF grant.

The competition for a CISF award is very keen.

Awards are typically for $10,000 per year and are renewable for approximately four years.

If you believe that you meet these qualifications you are invited to submit a one page letter explaining why.

Those who fit CISF profile will be sent an application.

Deadline: December 1

For more information and application, visit: The Christian International Scholarship Foundation Grants Website


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