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Dangerous lotions you must avoid


Billions of women on earth do many ridiculous things in search for beauty. There are women who seek for cheap plastic surgery to add on their beauty.

But there is unlucky woman in Namasuba, Kampala, called Suzan, who ended up in the hands of a quack doctor. Suzan went to one of the doctors in Kampala for buttocks implant. Buttocks implants are gum tattooing.

One can go tattooing her gums black to achieve a beautiful smile. Other women may pierce their body parts like mouth, ears, eyes, nose, bums, belly and chest.

Billions of women in America and Africa and across the globe have done bleaching and gum tattooing for years in a belief that doing so will help them to attract men. The doctors say that it is ridiculous to tattoo your gum in the name of getting darker gums as the process is so painful. Some women apply lotions on their skin and they develop huge pimples, especially on the forehead. The moment such pimples develop, one spends a lot of money on several creams to treat the pimples.

Dr. Moses Kayizzi of MulagoHospital explains that women should not just buy any type of creams prescribed by cosmetics dealers before seeking services of dermatologists.

Dr. Kayizzi says it is dangerous to use a product because a neighbour or friend recommended it. He says lotions made out of steroids, methylisothiazoline and diethanolamine are not good for use after a long time of manufacture. He says such lotions cause allergies, skin burns, acne, itching, pain, scarring and skin cancers.


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