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FDC and DP to make joint rallies


Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and the Democratic Party (DP) among other opposition parties in partnership with the civil society organisations will carry out joint rallies across the country to mobilize Ugandans to support opposition demands for electoral reforms.

Opposition parties will start their joint rallies in Jinja to push for electoral and political reforms in Uganda which will lead to free and fair elections.

The FDC and DP also plan to carry out processions and conferences across the country as they campaign for free and fair elections.

FDC and DP demands for an Independent and impartial electoral commission, new clean and verifiable voters’ register, exclusion of the army in the electoral process, blocking massive diversion of public funds, demarcation of electoral boundaries, freedom to organize and assemble, transparent selection of presiding officers, involving the opposition in processing and storing of electoral materials, ensuring integrity of the tallying process and new model for adjudicating presidential election dispute.


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