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Generation challenges of Uganda



On Saturday I was asked by the Democratic Party President Norbert Mao to represent him at a graduation party of one of his colleagues, Akim Kigwe in Nama Mukono.


When I was given a change to talk to the guests, I shared with them the Generational Challenges of Uganda. I told them that the generation of former Kabaka of Buganda, Muteesa I had a challenge of how to relate with the foreigners (colonialists). Muteesa I invited the British colonialists to come and teach both religion and education.

The generation of Uganda’s toughest kings in African history, Mwanga II of Buganda and Kabalega of Bunyoro had a challenge of protecting Uganda’s independence where they either resisted or collaborated.

The pre- Independence Leaders had a challenge of winning back Uganda’s lost independence. The Post independence generations were tasked with giving leadership, direction and give a solid foundation for the new state, Uganda.

President Museveni’s generation was to give Ugandan people democracy, clean leadership and put right all the wrongs which the post independence leaders like Iddi Amin, Milton Obote, Godfrey Binaisa, Yusufu Lule, Paul Muwanga, Tito Okello and Sir Edward Muteesa II made. But it seems President Museveni’s government has failed to live to the peoples’ full expectations.

Therefore the youths in Uganda and Africa must now look at the different pages of history, learn from their mistakes, stand up and be counted and win back Africa’s glory.


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