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How breastfeeding can harm your babies?



The nipples on the mothers’ breasts are babies’ only feeding ‘plates.’ So it is advisable that a breastfeeding mother is abreast with hygiene.

Fatumah Nanyunja, a registered mid-wife at Tusubira Health Centre on Entebbe road says that when breastfeeding mothers do not wash their breasts and nipples properly, they may expose their babies to diseases and infections.

Doctors say that dirty breasts harbour germs/diseases and when infants suckle them they get infections and diarrhea.

Nanyunja says breastfeeding mothers should wash their breasts with water and soap daily and dry them accurately. Mothers need to wash their hands before feeding their babies.

A breastfeeding mother needs to put on spongy materials to absorb the milk coming from the breasts to avoid spilling on the bra. A soggy bra has some adverse effect on the nipples.

Observing proper breast hygiene is the best way to prevent breastfeeding-related infections. Before mothers breastfeed their babies, they should ensure they first wash their hands with clean water and soap.


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