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Multiple roles of water in human body


Proper nutrition is a vital conduct of good health and it should not only be limited to food consumption, but also it should entail drinking as much water as the body can take as water is a central requirement in aiding body processes.

Unfortunately, despite the centrality of water in human life, many people don’t seem to valvue water as much as they do other drinks. Some people get offended when offered water at a party and not sodas or beers.

Water is amultiple role prayer in the body, for instance regulating body temperature as it acts as a coolant, removing the heat from the body.

Much as we need water to a certain level because certain organs can’t work well if there is too much heat. Water is also a lubricant and aids in the formation of relevant fluids in the body, especially the joints.

Similarly water acts as a solvent for instance, dissolving the nutrients in the food into liquid for easy absorption by the cells. According to online sources water flushes toxins and waste from the body through urination and perspiration. Scientists say that water helps to reduce constipation and aids in bowel movements which ensures that wastes are removed quickly and regularly before they can become poisonous in the body.


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