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Rise and down fall of Col. Kizza Besigye


This young opposition political party in Uganda of close to only ten years has left alot to be desired and history will never forgive its small god Dr. Col. Kizza Bessigye, who initially was ambitious and had much greed for power.

But massed up when he placed the foundation stone of finance in the hands of foreign agencies whose interests were best known by themselves and little did Col. Bessigye knew them but rather worked on assumptions that they were intrested in him leading Uganda.

A few years back we have seen a very quiet and disapointed Bessigye because funding had been withdrawn and he was left with no option but only to grab Masaka Municipality MP, Mathias Mpuuga to run his ACTIVISTS FOR CHANGE (A4C) which he turned violent and a threat to Uganda’s security and obviously the activities of such a group had to be burned and frastrated by the police leaving Bessigye with no option but to tactifully demolish FDC.


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