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Uganda opposition party UPC asks ICC to address governance in Africa

 As the International Criminal Court Review meeting gets into its fourth in Kampala, the opposition Uganda People’s Congress has asked the world court to critically address issues of governance in Africa.

Kofi Annan

Form UN Secretary General Kofi Annan is attending ICC review in Kampala

The Uganda People’s Congress’s Special Presidential Envoy, Patrick Mwondha says many African Leaders cling on to power and exploit legal regimes for personal benefit.

Mwondha says International Criminal Court needs to look at this matter that has sparked off wide spread impunity across the continent.

Over 5,000 delegates are attending the ICC meeting in Kampala. The delegates include Kofi Anan, the former UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon the current Un Secretary General, Jose Moreno Ocampo, the chief ICC procesecutor, the ICC President, amopng others.

This is the first time the ICC established by the UN Rome Statute in 2000 is being reviewed after more than 10 years in operation. Although the leaders of the ICC have given indication they will pursue those that cause political violence in Africa, many African leaders are hesitant to accept full ICC involvement in politics.

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni on Wednsday warned Euorpean and USA leaders agianst interfering in Uganda’s political issues like elections, although the same leader has voiced strong support for the ICC.

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