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Ugandan president slams foreign religion

The President of Uganda traditional healers, Sylvia Namutebi a.k.a Maama Fiina has said western religions are being used by the enemies of Africa to colonize Africa.

Namutebi asks how Ugandans and Africans in general claim to be independent when they are shunning African religions in favour of foreign ones.

Mama Fiina says it is high time Africans start cherishing religions that arose from African cultures.

Speaking to Ultimate Media in Kampala today, Maama Fiina said Africans knew God before foreign religions came to Africa.

For example, Maama Fiina says there are many African names that praise God which names existed before the coming of foreign religions to Africa. Such names include Byakatonda (which means things belong to God and Mwesige (trust in God).

By Walakira Nyanzi, Ultimate Media

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