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Wafula Oguttu wants NRM to partner with FDC


The leader of opposition in Parliament Wafula Oguttu (also member of FDC) has criticised the government of Uganda for treating opposition members as enemies rather than partners.

He says that lack of trust by Ugandans in the Electoral Commission to hold free and fair elections may force some Ugandans to resort to violent means in a bid to dislodge the dictatorial government in Kampala.

Speaking on Friday in Kampala, Wafula also called for free and fair elections. He says the call for free polls is a non-partisan initiative that needs the participation of everyone in Uganda.

Wafula also questioned why there is too much powers given to the President of Uganda in the constitution. The president of Uganda has power to “kill, imprison, impoversih, exile, torture, enrich, grab property, forgive, supress and rule for life.” The only power the president of Uganda doesn’t have is to resurect the ‘dead.’


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