Miria Matembe wants a greater voice for women in Uganda politics

The director Centre for Women in Governance (CEWIGO) Miria Matembe has urged women leaders at different levels to advocate for the well being of women at all levels.

Matembe says the Centre for Women in Governance is committed to building a pool of women who are knowledgeable, informed and with skills to participate in politics with a vision.

Matembe says that the leadership training is aimed at increasing the numbers visibility and effectiveness of women in national and local politics in decision making.

She said that the two days training was also aimed at empowering the women on how to carry out council business for the benefit of the public whom they represent and appealed to them to be human centered and service oriented.

CEWIGO’s vision is to have a world that values and cherishes good governance where women and men equally participate and benefit from decision making.

By Sunday Rogers


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