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Police threatens to close CBS radio over belittling government officials

One of the conditions reportedly set by the central government before the reopening of radio CBS FM was to respect government, ruling party, the National Resistance Movement and its officials.

But we have been told that the Inspector General of Police, Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura has reportedly written a letter to the management of CBS FM warning them against belittling government officials and workers.

Sources from Bulange Mengo, the home of CBS FM told us that Kayihura wants the management of CBS FM to stop referring to him as Lt. Gen. ‘Kalekeezi’.’

The police boss tells CBS FM that he is called Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura but not ‘Kalekeezi Kayihura. The police boss reportedly informs radio CBS fm management that calling him Kalekeezi is equivalent to defamation and that if the radio station doesn’t stop the vice it risks closure and prosecution in courts of law.

Other officials in Uganda government who declined to be named because they are Baganda told this reporter that they are also not happy with the way some presenters on the station dramatize peoples’ names. For example, the government officials told us that some times news anchors on CBS FM refers to Hajji Kirunda Kivejinja as Kirunda ‘Kiveidinda,’ and president Museveni as ‘Sabagabe, Lugonda Magya, Nakwale (dancer who doesn’t leave the dancing hall) and Nakyemalira (dictator).

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