Does diet play part in development of heart diseases?


Does diet play a part in the development of heart diseases? The answer is YES. People across the globe are look and they are what they eat

Every choice people (we) make today will impact them the next day, week, months, years or decades to come tomorrow.

Our diet plays a significant role in prevention or production of heart diseases. Diets high in artificial processed fats, low in fresh vegetables and fruit, and high in alcohol put people at the greatest risk of heart disease.

In order to help your blood pressure under control and therefore lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, limit the amount of salt you consume. As much as 75% of the salt in the average diet comes from processed foods-everything from bacon to soups and salad dressing.

Choose foods without added salt and prepare home-cooked food with little or no salt. All natural food items such as fruits vegetables, fish and lean meats have very little salt.

Walakira Nyanzi


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