FDC confirms it will take part in the coming polls

FDCFDC top brass confirms that it’s dully on course to take part in the coming polls and distancing reports that the party flag bearer is in protest to participate in the exercise. Addressing a joint press conference at Najanankumbi, the party chairman, Wasswa Birgwa and the flag bearer, Dr. Kizza Besigye, still maintain the need to have people-cantered electoral reforms considered by the state for the nation to have free and fair elections.

Besigye says he is open to dialogue on how government will have better reforms in place as also agreed upon by the TDA. He also notes that these are not demands from political parties but demands from the citizens of this country through the citizens’ compact which was handed over to government to be incorporated in the reforms that government was undertaking.

Besigye says that the grace period is until 18th September and after that the matter will be taken back to citizens for further action.

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