Activists launch massive campaign on safe abortion

Safe Abortion

A section of Ugandans have embarked on a massive campaign that is geared towards compelling government through parliament to make adjustments in the current laws governing safe abortion, with the campaign seeing the activists collecting over a million signatures to be used to petition the coming parliament to work on their call.

According to the Commissioner reproductive health at the Ministry of health, Colline Tusingwire condemned unsafe abortions saying they have continued to claim many lives in the country adding that failure to recognize the vice yet it is with us will mean more lives will continue to be lost.

Meanwhile, the outgoing president of the Association of gynaecologists, Dr. Charles Kigundu, mentioned that 840 pregnancies are terminated daily saying this sometimes costs many lives of Ugandans causing government to spend UGX.7.5Bn to extend care to women and girls who have had problems due to unsafe abortions.

The advocacy officer, at Center for Health Human Rights and Development (CEHURD), Joyious Akira, confirms that unsafe abortions account for an estimated 26% of preventable maternal deaths in Uganda which now calls for the country to prioritize sexual reproductive health.

The world today, 28th of September, marks the International day on Safe Abortion.

International Campaign Video on Safe Abortion

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