Kadaga says Parliament’s delay to pass Electoral reforms is not a party issue

Parliament of Uganda

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, has refuted allegations that Parliament delayed the passing of the electoral reforms because of her party’s position. The Speaker said that she had asked the Executive to table the Electoral Bills early but this was not the case.

She said that it’s a matter of regret that the Bills were tabled in Parliament by government towards the end of the Fifth session instead of during the Second and Third sessions of Parliament. Kadaga added that it is not only the Opposition that demanded for amendments but there was a lot of interest from different stake holders who needed the changes in the laws for better governance and peaceful elections.

She however said that there may be a review commission which can also take into consideration the interest of the Parliamentary Commission to amend some laws that will cater for the independence and the concept of separation of powers. She said that her role is to defend the Constitution and present the interest of the people of Uganda, and Parliament should not be blamed for the delay in amending of the Legislations. She also added that despite claims that the Bills presented by government were shallow, the Opposition had not moved any Private Members Bill to reflect their wide-ranging proposals on electoral reforms.

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