Preserve indigenous foods; Buganda asks public

Buganda kingdom Minister for Lands, Agriculture and Environment  Martin Seremba Kasekende  calls  for preservation of indigenous foods  so as they avoid a risk of suffering from some diseases associated  with  foreign foods. Martin Kasekende was officiating at the closing of the 5th Annual indigenous food fair organized by PELUM-Uganda at UMA hall in Nakawa division.
Local Food

Local Food

He said that preservation of indigenous foods will showcase the Ugandan heritage in relation to local foods. He said that the growing of local foods helps farmers to get seeds which can be replanted unlike the imported foods.
He further asked government to prioritize  the indigenous foods so as they are given attention for resource allocation for their preservation, adding that the farmers should be helped to have agriculture value chain so as they benefit from their agricultural produce on market. He demanded  actions against fake seeds and fertilizers on the market so as there no compromise of agricultural produce .
The Executive director Buganda Cultural and Development Foundation (BUCADEF) Fredrick Kabuye said that there could be a possibility of losing indigenous foods in Uganda if the young generation is not encouraged to identify themselves with local foods.

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