Uganda needs mechanisms to discourage genocide – Onyango Kakooba

Onyango KakoobaThe Uganda representative at pan African parliament, Onyango Kakooba, calls on government to put in place mechanisms that will discourage youth from acts of genocide and crimes against humanity. Onyango  Kakooba, who is also the member Buikwe North, says that although the genocide has not been experienced in the country as some other East African countries there should be a special focus  on prevention of ethnic cleansing to stop youth from being lured in acts of killing others.
He says that government should encourage and develop programmes to raise awareness among the youth on the importance of protecting human rights, value of diversity to prevent acts like genocide and all forms of discrimination. He added that there must be legislation for prevention of genocide and war crimes with financial support discouraging such acts.
In July this year parliament granted west Budama south member of parliament Jacob Oboth Oboth  leave to present the private members bill on the Prevention of Genocide Bill, 2015. This bill is intended  to prevent genocide, strengthen national unity and promote reconciliation among the people.

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