10% of Ugandans still living in chronic poverty – Report

Kisenyi slum

Kisenyi slum in Kampala

A new report dubbed Human rights and Poverty has been released today by the Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI) indicating that 10% of Ugandans are still living in chronic poverty. The report notes that the chronically poor people not only lack income but also Education, skills, assets, good health and strong social

The same reports highlights that the extreme poor people can not meet the basic human needs such as food, water clothing and shelter among others and that this causes a worry that if this percentage is not helped, the condition is likely to be passed on to the next generation.

Speaking at the launch of this report, The EU ambassador to Uganda Kristian Schmidt notes that respect for Human Rights is a key recipe to fighting poverty and that this can be done by ending impunity on land grabbing, providing quality education and health to communities.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director FHRI Livingstone Ssewanyana  says it is unfortunate that some of the government projects that are started to help people revamp from poverty still lack effective implementation
highlighting programs like NAADS and the youth fund.

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