Mao lines up strong legal team to challenge polls’ commission

MaoFollowing the rejection of Norbert Mao to stand as the Gulu municipality MP, the party and the fallen candidate have lined up a massive and strong legal team to challenge the polls commission on the grounds used to refuse him from contesting for his desired post.
Speaking to journalists today in Kampala, the head of the legal team, Nicholas Opio, says they have given the polls commission 48 hours to hear them out following the complaint they filed and if they fail to do so within the given time they will not hesitate to drag the matter to court for redress. Nicholas also challenges the electoral commission for retiring the national voters’ register in exchange for the ID data saying the act was against the law since the commission has no powers to do so.

However, Norbert Mao says the act against him is a strong signal to all Ugandans that the electoral process is not free and fair and calls for opposition to stand up in arms to challenge the unfairness of the commission.



Mao tweeted his voters card.


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