Uganda registers progress towards human development – Report

A new UNDP human development report 2015 indicates that Uganda has registered progress towards human development mainly in regions that are benefiting from PRDP since the year 2006 to date with the report indicating improvement from 0.448% in 2002/6 to 0.463% in 2012/13 representing a growth rate of 0.5% per annum for the whole country.
Work is intrinsic to human development.

Work is intrinsic to human development.

With the above statistics, the report now confirms that Uganda continues to register low human development trends since the country’s index falls below human development index cut – off value of 0.550% with the performance of PRDP region with the HDI of 0.431% remains below the national average but the report confirms that the highest contribution to the HDI comes from the health index followed by education with the income index making the lowest contribution.
However on reading the premier’s speech, the third deputy premier, Hon. Kirunda Kiveyijinja confirms that government is fully aware that the northern region is still facing a number of challenges despite the continued support from development partners and government its self adding that more programmes geared towards direct improvement of human lives direct from households are still to come.
The report is themed ‘Work for human development’. Full report can be found HERE

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