Museveni calls on NRM secretariat to give accountability of work done to the population

President Yoweri Museveni has expressed the need for NRM secretariat to intensify programs aimed at explaining government work to the population. Addressing his fans in Bukooli North in Bugiri district, Museveni said that one of the problems affecting the party is failure by the secretariat to tell people what government has done, how much has been spent on particular programs among others.

Museveni in Bugiri

Museveni addressing Bugiri, Bukholi North

Museveni lectured that the party is like a church where every Sunday the preacher must preach in order for people to continue following the message. He asked party members to not only be supporters but also preachers. Museveni added that through prioritization method, government has been able to revive factories like Kakira, Lugazi, Kinyara and tea Estates in addition to working on roads, education, health centers, electricity and defense.

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