Museveni warns road users against misuse leading to road carnage

Museveni in Ruhinda

Museveni in Ruhinda North

NRM presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni has warned road users against miss using these facilities. According to Museveni, much as government responded to people’s calls for better roads across the country, the same tarmac roads have become a deathbed. He told his supporters in Sheema district while in the past HIV/AIDS was the major killer in Uganda, currently major deaths are caused by road accidents and waragi.
He says there are deaths on the roads on a daily basis which he attributed to over speeding. He further noted that government has also wiped out use of guns to kill people by disarming the Karamojongs and also ending the ADF insurgency. Museveni asked people to utilize the prevailing peace brought by his government to be productive so that they can improve on their income in order to start businesses that in turn create jobs for the youth.
President Museveni has promised to give out land titles to 20000 families that are staying on the former land belonging to former Ankole king Barigye. According to the president, before Barigye died, the two had agreed to give this land to the people after Barigye agreed to be paid off. He says the late prince was paid and the land totaling to 19000 acres was given to the people who are settling on it.
Museveni says that efforts to give the beneficiaries land titles are underway, and that this land is mainly in Sheema district and Kashaari in Mbarara.

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